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The journey to this point has been long and arduous, but commerce is finally returning.

As we transition into this next phase of pandemic recovery, the importance of getting back to work safely cannot be understated. Public health guidelines suggest that proactive and ongoing health screening is an effective approach for mitigating workplace transmission.

To help businesses remain compliant with these guidelines, we’ve launched the Santha Health Chek®, an integrated health screening and contact tracing tool. From a business perspective, the value of the Santha Health Chek® is clear.

Every company with a physical location — from the largest industrial and manufacturing firms to the smallest retailers and restaurants — is now in the business of protecting public health and safety. Relatedly, your ability to resume “business as usual” is contingent on your ability to protect your employees, customers, and visitors against infection risk factors.

The significance of this responsibility is only going to increase with time, as businesses inevitably look to remain open throughout the pandemic’s projected second surge. The up coming cold and flu season, though still months away, will present related challenges. By empowering your customers, employees, and visitors with the Santha Health Chek® is platform, you’re taking the first step towards establishing a new workplace etiquette.


Santha Health Chek® provides a first of its kind, automated health screening and contact tracing tool that consolidates staggered scheduling, capacity management, PPE management, reporting, and recordkeeping into one central platform to prevent workplace transmission of COVID-19 and contain its impact if it occurs.

By administering simple questions to employees before the start of their work, the platform is able to send out actionable recommendations to employers and employees in real-time, based on their current symptoms, contact history, travel history, and more.

Key among the platform’s advancements is its novel approach to contact tracing, which protects individual privacy more effectively than conventional contact tracing technology options such as mobile geolocation and Bluetooth® code transmission.

Through its simple questions, the tool is able to triangulate information about where a person has been in your facility, whom they’ve been in contact with, and when these interactions occurred, in order to produce detailed reports of everyone who may be at risk based on one new suspected or confirmed case.




Because preparedness takes different forms across different industries, the Santha Health Chek® platform can be adapted to meet the specific challenges unique to your individual business. In offices and clinics, the visitor feature can be used to screen clients and patients before they arrive. In food service and retail, customers can sign up to be notified about whether they’re at risk of infection, based on who they came in contact with during their last visit. The applications are endless.

By automating these tasks and alerts, the Santha Health Chek® gives employees, customers, and visitors the confidence they need to spend time in your workplace. Each additional notification is a reminder to your staff that you are taking every conceivable precaution to keep them safe. It gives them the necessary peace of mind to focus on their tasks at hand, and confidence to know their coworkers are healthy.


In today’s business climate, your reputation as an employer and your ability to attract top talent will hinge on your ability to keep your staff safe. Government agencies are continuously issuing guidelines and recommendations, and best practices are evolving as a result. Santha Health Chek® is the simplest way to stay on top of this shift. We don’t just want to help businesses flatten the curve; we want to help them stay ahead of it for good.

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