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To start with the Santha Health Chek® takes less than a day, and we will be with you every step of the way.

It is easy-to-use (takes under 30 seconds), and your employees, customers and visitors will appreciate the care you are showing them. ⁣

Whether working together, working remotely or out on sales or field service calls, equip your team with the tools to prevent, prepare, and respond in our new normal.⁣⁣

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Meridian is using Chek Santha Health to keep all four of its plants and technology centres safe amidst COVID-19. All employees and visitors complete the screening at kiosks before they start work. The office employees can do the screening even if they are working at home. By using the Santha Health Chek, they avoid costly shutdowns.


Unisync is using Santha Health Chek across its 11 locations across North America. The head office, branch offices, distribution centre and four retail locations all use Santha Health Chek to keep their employees and visitors safe and avoid workplace shutdowns.downs.


Ambient Mechanical uses the Santha Health Chek for its office workers and its fleet of 80 HVAC technicians. Santha Health Chek’s screening and rapid response contact tracing allows Ambient Mechanical to keep their employees, visitors and industry partners safe.⁣

Ambient Mechanical

Animal Health Partners runs 24/7, 365 days a year and uses the Santha Health Chek to keep both employees and visitors safe from COVID-19 and quickly respond if there is an infection. Animal Health Partners works to keep animals and their human owners healthy and safe, and Santha Health Chek is happy to contribute to this effort.⁣

Animal Health Partners

This partnership is aimed at promoting and encouraging Vaughan Chamber members to use Santha Health Chek’s proactive health screening and automated contact tracing application to help mitigate workplace Covid-19 transmission risk. Technological assistance for the management of health risk in workplace environments has been identified as a high-priority requirement by business owners and management within the Vaughan Chamber membership. The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is also looking to use Santha Health Chek for its employees/visitors and potentially at events.⁣

Brian Shifman

President & CEO, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

As an HR Consultant, I’m recommending Santha Health Program® to my clients. The health screening and contact tracing are easy to use and highly effective in keeping a safe work environment and mitigating risk.

Lynn Brown

HR Consultant, Brown Consulting

We are using the Santha Health Chek® to screen our patients before they come in to see us. We really like the “contactless” approach with the compliance and reporting features.⁣

William Wong⁣

Physiotherapy Lead and Owner, PhysioFit

The Santha Health Chek® helped Grazie Ristorante’s two locations to open safely. The time we save on active health screening and customer logging allows us to focus on our customers and their dining experience. 

Angelo Morreti

Restaurateur, Grazie Ristorante

Commonly Asked Questions

1 – How much does it cost to protect my business?⁣

We provide comprehensive employee and customer protection for as little as $50.00/month.⁣

Santha Health Chek is the most cost-effective solution for workplace safety currently available.⁣

2 – How long will it take to train my staff to use Santha Health Chek?

Santha Health Chek is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Training new users can take little as 15 minutes. We are happy to provide support each step of the way.

3 – Will Santha Health Chek work on my current computer system?


Santha Health Chek works on all phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The software does not require download and is

accessible anywhere in the world.⁣

4 – Is the setup process complicated or time consuming? 


We will take care of the setup for you.⁣

The guided process takes a couple of hours and requires basic business information.⁣

5 – Will Santha Health Chek work for my industry?⁣ 

⁣Santha Health Chek works across all industries and team sizes.⁣

6 – How does Health Chek protect user data?⁣ 

Santha Health Chek uses Microsoft Azure encryption and security tools for state of the art data protection. ⁣

7 – Will Santha Health Chek meet my future needs?⁣ 


We strive to make it as easy as possible for users to meet public health guidelines and law requirements through using

our platform.

For example, we recently updated to maintain vaccination records and COVID-19 test results.⁣

8 – Can I customize the functionality of the software? ⁣


Santha Health Chek is customizable to fit your unique business needs.

9 – Is Santha Health Chek available in my provincial, state or county?


Santha Health Chek is available to businesses worldwide.

Contact Tracing⁣⁣⁣ for Employees and Customers

Health Screening⁣

Staggered Schedule Management⁣⁣⁣

Reduced Capacity Management⁣

Record Keeping

Visitor management

Queue management

Risk Management

Protect your business continuity, mitigate shutdown or interruption risks and optimize productivity with our suite of tools and reports.


Third-party credibility for health screening and contact tracing and record-keeping.

Confidence and Culture

Instil confidence in your employees, visitors and customers that you are doing your best to keep them safe and healthy.


Daily monitoring of guidelines and best practices from health and industry leaders to inform solution updates and client advisory services.

Rapid Response

If an emergency occurs, get the required reports and insights for contact tracing and response with two clicks of a button using our reporting and analytics platform.


Customize the solution to fit your business requirements; use cases in every industry are available.

Making your return to work safe, productive and positive⁣

We are cutting-edge health and technology experts who have developed an effective, easy-to-use workplace health screening and contact tracing solution to keep your workplace, employees and customers safe. Make your workplace as healthy and as safe as possible by using the Santha Health Chek®

Businesses that can build confidence with their employees, customers, and supply chains will have a competitive advantage.

Workers need confidence that workplace transmission is mitigated. Customers need confidence too before they return to shops, showrooms, and book travel.  Preparedness for a second surge and the complications of the upcoming cold and flu season are also critical.  The Santha Health Chek® helps with all these issues.