The Santha Health Program® provides your business with the tools to build confidence, demonstrate your corporate responsibility and focus on health and safety with a People First culture.

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Meridian is using Chek Santha Health to keep all four of its plants and technology centres safe amidst COVID-19. All employees and visitors complete the screening at kiosks before they start work. The office employees can do the screening even if they are working at home. By using the Santha Health Chek, they avoid costly shutdowns.


Unisync is using Santha Health Chek across its 11 locations across North America. The head office, branch offices, distribution centre and four retail locations all use Santha Health Chek to keep their employees and visitors safe and avoid workplace shutdowns.downs.


Ambient Mechanical uses the Santha Health Chek for its office workers and its fleet of 80 HVAC technicians. Santha Health Chek’s screening and rapid response contact tracing allows Ambient Mechanical to keep their employees, visitors and industry partners safe.⁣

Ambient Mechanical

Animal Health Partners runs 24/7, 365 days a year and uses the Santha Health Chek to keep both employees and visitors safe from COVID-19 and quickly respond if there is an infection. Animal Health Partners works to keep animals and their human owners healthy and safe, and Santha Health Chek is happy to contribute to this effort.⁣

Animal Health Partners

This partnership is aimed at promoting and encouraging Vaughan Chamber members to use Santha Health Chek’s proactive health screening and automated contact tracing application to help mitigate workplace Covid-19 transmission risk. Technological assistance for the management of health risk in workplace environments has been identified as a high-priority requirement by business owners and management within the Vaughan Chamber membership. The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is also looking to use Santha Health Chek for its employees/visitors and potentially at events.⁣

Brian Shifman

President & CEO, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

As an HR Consultant, I’m recommending Santha Health Program® to my clients. The health screening and contact tracing are easy to use and highly effective in keeping a safe work environment and mitigating risk.

Lynn Brown

HR Consultant, Brown Consulting

We are using the Santha Health Chek® to screen our patients before they come in to see us. We really like the “contactless” approach with the compliance and reporting features.⁣

William Wong⁣

Physiotherapy Lead and Owner, PhysioFit

The Santha Health Chek® helped Grazie Ristorante’s two locations to open safely. The time we save on active health screening and customer logging allows us to focus on our customers and their dining experience. 

Angelo Morreti

Restaurateur, Grazie Ristorante

Scene of office that shows social distancing and safe work environment


Safe mall indoor mall space.

Real Estate and Property Management

Safe mall indoor mall space.




Hospitality and Food Service



Health, Wellness and Personal Care Services

Travel, Tourism and Accommodation



Construction, Manufacturing and Industrial

Transportation and Logistics



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Automated standardized and universal  – keeping everyone at the workplace safe and deployed across all computing devices.⁣⁣


provides the notifications and data analytics for measuring performance against COVID-19 metrics⁣⁣


stores and manages all data associated with health screenings, test results, vaccine records, contact tracing, PPE management and off-time


if an infection is suspected or confirmed, ability to quickly identify those at risk and issue the appropriate communications⁣⁣


informed by law and best practices on privacy and workplace health and safety compliance⁣⁣


developing a new workplace culture of etiquette where everyone cares about health and safety