Compliance with O.Reg 364/20

How Santha Health Chek makes it easy ⁣and effective

Ontario Regulation 364/20

On September 25, 2020, the Ontario government mandated that all businesses and organizations must be in compliance with O.Reg 364/20 by implementing health screening for all employees and select visitors. Ontario amended O. Reg 364/20 Rules for Areas in Stage 3 under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020, S.O. 2020, c.17. ⁣ 


The Santha Health Chek is a quick and easy method for all employees, visitors, and customers to self-report symptoms, contacts, and travel history. Santha does not require any software download and does not use any type of geo-location and tracking. Santha only requires a smart device with a browser and an internet connection. A workplace or location is segmented into zones and worker pods are accordingly assigned. A health screen takes 10 to 60 secs and ensures compliance with O.Reg 364/20. ⁣

Our reporting package provides you with information at your fingertips to manage exposure risk, business continuity risk, PR risk, and comply with legislation. Our contact tracing capabilities allow you to pinpoint the impacted users and zones within minutes. Together our solution allows you to target your communication to impacted employees, sanitize impacted areas, and optimize business continuity.

CASE STUDY: COVID Contact Risk Factor in the Workplace ⁣

In this case study the names and dates have been changed but the time duration has been maintained. ProCo is a professional services company with offices in Canada, US, and Europe. The Canadian office has 75 full-time employees. ProCo closed this office from March to July and reopened at a reduced capacity in August with a continued work from home strategy. Due to the nature of their business they require appointment-based visitors including customers and suppliers. They have been using Santha Health Chek as part of their getting back to work strategy. All employees must complete a daily health screen and all visitors must register before or upon arrival. This office is segmented into 3 zones and employees follow distancing, PPE, and sanitization policies.

The graphic below provides the detailed organizational impact of one employee visiting a local restaurant where a positive case was confirmed. Peter, the impacted employee, visits a local restaurant on Sept 9th, returns to work on Sept 16th, and is contacted by Public Health on Sept 18th that he may have contacted a positive case during the restaurant dinner on Sept 9th. In total, 14 employees, 7 visitors, and 2 of 3 zones in ⁣the workplace were impacted.

Emergency Response ⁣

The HR Manager immediately implemented the ProCo COVID safety plan and used the Santha Health Chek as follows: ⁣⁣

  • Ran the contact tracing report for Peter since Sept 9th and determined his workplace contacts and zones
  • Ran the contact tracing report for Jill, Mary, and Prem (Peter’s workplace contacts) ⁣⁣
  • Determined that Peter and his first-degree contacts met a total of 10 co-workers and 5 visitors from the 17th to the 28th⁣
  • Reviewed compliance reports for any missed reports (no missed reports)
  • Notified the office manager. ⁣The impacted zones were immediately vacated, current occupants followed hygiene  procedures, and the zones were sanitized overnight ⁣⁣⁣
  • Notified the impacted ProCo employees and implemented the COVID safety plan procedures
  • Provided contact information of the visitors to public health and notified the visitors directly⁣⁣
  • Prepared and delivered appropriate communication to all staff

Conclusion & Results ⁣

From one personal contact with a positive case, 14 employees and 7 visitors experienced a COVID risk factor. ProCo was prepared with a COVID Safety Plan and implemented Santha Health Chek.

Santha provided the detailed information to enable an effective and timely response to manage infection risk and business continuity risk. ⁣

For less than $10 per day, ProCo received the following results: ⁣

  • Within 4 minutes the HR Manager was able to generate the necessary contact tracing reports
  • All impacted employees and visitors were contacted the same day ⁣
  • Workplace sanitization was completed within 24 hours, the impacted zones were reopened, and nonimpacted zones remained open ⁣
  • Employees and visitors appreciated that a targeted rapid-response system was in place to manage the infection risk. 

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